Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A new blog. A new page. A new beginning.

Today is the beginning of a new blog. A place to share fun patterns, super soft yarns, and cool knitting shops.

 These two hats are the ones I sold today in my Etsy shop.  My first sale!  The white one was made on size 7 needles with Berocco vintage chunky.  I cast on 54 stitches, did 6 rows of ribbing then p2, k4 for 2 rows, cabled with 2 to the back on row 3, and then row 4-6 were p2, k4.

The blue hat was a variation with smaller needles and thinner yarn.  Honestly, I have no idea what yarn I used for this one, I think it was cotton and it must've been a size 2 needle or so.  But it was tiny!  They were both perfect for a newborn.  I fiddled around with the shaping of the crown and it ended up looking okay but I still have to work on that part of the pattern.

This is the beginning of a great adventure.  Now I have a purpose for my hobby!  True, my first efforts are only selling what I've made from stash yarn so I have not made any significant money.  But, woohoo, it is quite a thrill!

 Hopefully you'll enjoy the journey with me!



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